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Panasonic brocky's tv

Panasonic 2014 LED TV Review

Where is Panasonic? The Japanese company that has suffered significantly during the early 2010s, when sales in plasma panels collapsed and the rise of the Korean brands stole share away in major overseas markets, is back in its groove, registering profits and with a significant, attractive product program to promote in 2014. In its consumer […]

TV Viewing Distance Calculator

TV Viewing Distance Calculator

Size (and Distance) really does matter when it comes to your TV Viewing experience “If you sit so close to the television, your eyes will go square!” Who remembers Mum shouting that during every single Saturday morning cartoon session? Well, now you are the boss of your own TV and you could sit with your […]

online tv sales

Online TV Sales

Online TV Sales Why buy TVs online? Because you get the best price. It’s common knowledge that if you buy from on online company, you expect that there are lower overheads. What’s the downside? Some people think it’s harder to ask questions, and that you will buy the wrong TV. Most online companies are not […]

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