YSP-1600B Yamaha 5.1ch Premium 4K Soundbar

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Yamaha Front Surround System YSP-1600B
* Low Profile Sound Bar
* 5.1 Channel Output Capability
* 8 Speaker Array
* YST-SW030B 130W Subwoofer Included
* 1 x HDMI Input / 1 x Output
* MusicCast Wireless Music Compatible
* IntelliBeam Automated System Calibration
* AirPlay
* Built-in Wi-Fi
* Bluetooth Input / Output
* 2 Year Warranty


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Product Description

YSP-1600S What the Technician Says: Yamaha Soundbar YSP-1600B

“This YSP-1600B Soundbar is designed to add deeper richer sound to your TV experience.

This is a premium 5.1 channel soundbar that works with all television brands.  This soundbar has 4K Passthrough (modern technology) and a sleek design.

This soundbar has digital connections (Toslink Optic Fibre x 3 x HDMI). 

This amplifier is suitable for both new and old TVs (has Optic Fibre for digital audio). 

This soundbar is designed to imitate surround sound, as well as offering ‘clear voice’ for those who just want to hear the LED TV better. This Soundbar is a step above the HW-J651 because of it’s 8 speaker array and 130w subwoofer. Also the YSP technology is the perfect solution to home theatre sound without all the separate speakers.

This soundbar is the perfect answer for those who wand better sound, without all the messy speakers.

Technician’s Verdict: High end, low profile soundbar guaranteed to deliver quality sound!


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