Smart 3D Bluray Player BDPS3500 SONY

$199.00 $159.00

SONY  3D Smart Bluray Player BDPS3500

* 3D Blu-ray / DVD / CD Playback 
* Dual Core Processor
* Smart Hub (SONY Apps, Web Browser)
* DLNA Playback
* USB Playback
* Wi-Fi Built-in
* HDMI Output
* Optical Digital Audio Output
* LAN Port
* 1 Year Warranty


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Product Description

What the Technician Says: Model: BDPS3500

“SONY Bluray Player BDPS3500 is a SMART 3D Bluray player using the SONY Smart Hub APPS and Browser

SONY Smart Bluray players have the widest variety of Apps available, including Netflix, Crackle, iView, 7Plus, TenPlay and SBS on Demand.

I great Bluray Player for those both with a Sony TV and those with other brands too..” 

Technicians Verdict: Excellent! A wonderful Smart Streaming Device with Bluray Player.

*This Bluray Player also plays standard DVD discs. 


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