Smart 3D 4K Bluray Player BD-H6500 Samsung

$249.00 $189.00

Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player

* 3D Blu-ray / DVD / CD Playback 
* Dual Core Processor
* Smart Hub (Samsung Apps, Web Browser)
* UHD Upscaling
* Screen Mirroring
* Samsung Link Portal
* DLNA Playback
* USB Playback
* Wi-Fi Built-in
* HDMI Output
* Optical Digital Audio Output
* LAN Port
* 1 Year Warranty


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Product Description

What the Technician Says: Model: BD-H6500

“Samsung Bluray Player BD-H6500 is a SMART 3D Bluray player using the Samsung Smart Hub APPS and BrowserThis is both a quality and affordable 1080p 3D Bluray disc machine that will bring Smart options to your home entertainment.

If you have a 4K UHD TV, this BD-H6500 Bluray Player has a UHD Upscale feature. This means that it will upscale the resolution to match your Ultra HD TV.” 

Technicians Verdict: Smart, 3D and Quality Bluray Player. A Must Have For All 4K UHD TVs!

*This Bluray Player also plays standard DVD discs. 


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