RX-V677B Yamaha 7.2ch Amplifier Zone 2

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Yamaha 7.2 Channel Network Home Theatre Receiver zone 2 RX-V677B
* High Current 90W x 7
* HD Audio Format Decoding
* HDMI 2.0 Switching (6 in/1 out)
* HD Component Inputs (2 in/1 out)
* Digital inputs (4 in)
* HDMI ARC and CEC Functionality
* 4K Video Pass Through and Upscaling through HDMI
* Network Streaming – AirPlay, Pandora, Music Streaming, Internet Radio and AV Controller App
* Zone 2 Function
* Dual Subwoofer Outputs
* YPAO Sound Optimisation with RSC Feature
* 4 SCENE Buttons
* Preset Remote Control
* USB Playback
* MHL Input
* Wireless Built-in
* 2 Year Warranty


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Product Description

RX-V677B What the Technician Says: Home Theatre Amplifier

“This RX-V677B amplifier is suitable for 7.2 Channels (3 speakers at the front, 2 speakers at the side, 2 speakers at the rear and either 1 or 2 channel sub-woofers). This amplifier can also provide a ‘ZONE 2’ option allowing for different sound to go to 2 speakers in a completely different zone.

If you already have 7.1 or 7.2 channel speakers, and are looking to replace a broken or old amplifier, this is the best amplifier for those who have medium quality speakers and want want to maintain their zone 2 features. 

This amplifier has digital connections (Toslink Optic Fibre and Coaxial SPDIF). This amplifier has a logical remote control and will fit your current 5 channel speakers.  

This amplifier is suitable for all new TVs (has Optic Fibre for digital audio) as well as 6 x HDMI inputs (1 x HDMI out)

PLEASE NOTE: This amplifier is the same as the HTR-6067B AV Receiver, although the HTR-6067B is cheaper on price due to being an ‘installer’s’ model (no difference and recommended).

The RX-V1075B is also similar in all features except it is 110W per channel compared to the 90w of this RX-V677. Both of these machines have 4K Pass through (all Yamaha amplifiers do) as well as 4K HDMI Upscale Resolution.

Technician’s Verdict: 90W per channel, this is a ZONE 2 Amplfiier with 7.2 option. Best Value Zone 2.

*Does not include speakers. Click HERE for a Suitable Speaker pack

Additional Information

Dimensions 440 x 370 x 111 mm


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