RX-S600DB Yamaha 5.1ch Amplifier Zone 2

$949.00 $788.00

Yamaha 5.1 Channel Slim Design Home Theatre Receiver with Zone 2 & DAB+
* Slim Design (111mm High)
* 95W x 5
* DAB+ Digital Radio
* HD Audio Format Decoding
* HDMI Switching (5 in/1 out)
* HD Component Inputs (2 in/1 out)
* Digital inputs (4 in)
* HDMI ARC and CEC Functionality
* 4K Video Pass Through
* Network Streaming – AirPlay, Spotify, Pandora, Music Streaming, Internet Radio and AV Controller App
* Zone 2 Function
* YPAO Sound Optimisation
* 4 SCENE Plus Buttons
* Preset Remote Control
* USB Playback
* MHL Input
* Auto Power Down Function
* 2 Year Warranty


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Product Description

RX-S600DB What the Technician Says: Home Theatre Amplifier

“This RX-S600DB amplifier is suitable for 5.1 Channels (3 speakers at the front, 2 speakers at the rear and a sub-woofer). This amplifier can also provide a ‘ZONE 2’ option allowing for different sound to go to 2 speakers in a completely different zone.

If you already have speakers, and are looking to replace a broken or old amplifier, this is the best amplifier for those who have medium quality speakers and want want to maintain their zone 2 features. If you currently have only 5.1 speakers, and you want to upgrade to have speakers in another room, this amplifier is suitable for you.

This amplifier has digital connections (Toslink Optic Fibre and Coaxial SPDIF). This amplifier has a logical remote control and will fit your current 5 channel speakers.

This amplifier is suitable for all new TVs (has Optic Fibre for digital audio).

PLEASE NOTE: This amplifier is the same as the RX-V375B in all features except that this one has Digital Radio (DAB+) and this amplifier has the option of ZONE 2 (allowing sound in another room. If you DO NOT need Digital radio or ZONE 2, save your money and choose the RX-V375B or the higher quality sound RX-V477B.

This amplifier is also suitable for those with limited cabinet space (this amplifier is unique at only 111mm high!”

Technician’s Verdict: 95W per channel, this is a ZONE 2 Amplfiier which has DAB+ Radio. The best value Zone 2.

*Does not include speakers. Click HERE for a Suitable Speaker pack

Additional Information

Dimensions 440 x 370 x 111 mm


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