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Brocky’s TV Group is located at 29a Maud Street Maroochydore in Queensland.

“The new range of 2015 model televisions are now available!”

Message from the Director:
My name is Brock Aspland and I’ve spent the last 10 years building my TV Antennas and TV Installation business in Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

In this time I’ve discovered there are some brands and models of TV which I’ve absolutely loved; big and small. These TVs are ones that I would watch myself or buy for my own family and throughout this time I’ve found a knack in picking what’s important out of all those specs and features to ensure a quality TV viewing experience.

In this time I’ve also seen many brands and models which I haven’t liked, and I won’t be afraid to tell you what I really think!

But overall, I love the technology, and I love adjusting the picture and Colour settings to get the best image possible on every TV.

Here at hdtv.brockystv.com.au I wanted to lay it all down in clear and simple terms and give the consumer the power to choose the TV that’s right for you. I hope you get benefit out of my reviews and verdicts, and that you pick the perfect TV for your home!

Want a little ‘after sale’ assistance? You bet! That’s what I’m here for so just drop me an email or call my office 1800 588 688, it’s never a bother.

After all, if I’m not working, I’ll only be watching TV myself!

Quality Digital TV Reception Guaranteed!

Brockys TV is the first choice when it comes to reliable, efficient solutions in the television, antenna and home theatre sector, by providing quality Australian Made products, in an effective and tested way to ensure longevity.

HDTV About Us | Why Brocky’s TV

Today, Brocky’s TV is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading providers of Residential and Commercial free-to-air installation services, audio & visual integration and home and business security products. First established on the Sunshine Coast, it has now a stable operations in South East Queensland and northern NSW, as well as providing products across Australia. The Company’s reputation is reflected in the quality of it’s service and distinctive leadership in which it has proved it to be one of the strongest brands in the TV Reception Service industry. In the words of the CEO, Brock Aspland, the equation is straightforward:

“We give our clients what they don’t get anywhere else and that is, exceptional service. We take the time to explain to our clients how their systems work and how to use them”.

Our Goal Our goal is to provide the most savvy and highest quality technology and electronics direct to the Australian public. Our focus is on helping the everyday Australian buy the right television and electronic product for their family. We are excited to provide these products to you, and we hope you enjoy the service along the way.

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