TV Size Buying Guide

My favourite way to buy televisions is to first choose the size of the TV (or sizes) that will suite your room, and then choose how much to spend on it.  This is the TV Size Buying Guide method.

TV Size Buying Guide

By choosing the size first, you make sure that the TV you end up with will look perfect for your application whether turned on or off.

Now, to make sure it looks good when it’s turned on, pick your size below and read the reviews!


19″ to 28″ Televisions

The Samsung Range are value for money in this size. Both the UA19H4000 and UA28J4100 are entry level budget TVs, however still give a decent picture and excellent for Caravan or Bedroom TV.

The UA22H5000 is a premium TV, it’s a Full HD 1080p panel, the same quality as the bigger better TVs, and is the pick of all smaller TVs.

32″ Televisions.

The Samsung UA32J4100 is the budget model, value TV and is suitable for those wanting a super-easy to use television for Free-to-air channels mostly.

For a more premium 32″ option, a TV with a Full HD resolution and Smart Features is the UA32J5500 Samsung.

40/42″ Televisions.

The Most Value option in this size is the Philips 42PFT6509 Smart TV (equivalent 200 Clear Motion Rate). This TV has Ambi – Light 2 and a fast refresh rate for the cheap price.

The Cheapest option (While still available) is the SONY 2014 Model  KDL-40W600PSD Smart LED TV.

The Best quality Television in this size, soon to be available (and worth waiting for) is the Samsung UA40JU6400 UHD TV. Adding the UHD option to the 40″ Size is fantastic, and although this one has a pricetag attached, it will be the best TV of the year.

48″ – 50″ Televisions.

The Samsung 50″ Series 5 is the budget option. It has a relatively low refresh rate, but due to the increase in costs for all the 2015 models, it’s at least still affordable and is at least still Full HD 1080p. Model UA50J5100.

In the current models available in this size, the best TV on the market is the SONY KD49X8500PSD UHD (Ultra HD) LED Television. This one has a great Clear motion rate (equivalent 400) and this is 4K and the 4K X-Reality UHD Upscale Engine inside the KD49X8500PSD television will improve the resolution of all content!

55″ Televisions.

If price is not an issue, the best 55″ television available on the market is the new Nano Crystal Technology in the SUHD UA55JS8000 Samsung. This television has the highest 1200 Clear Motion Rate and is Ultra HD (having the 4K upscale engine inside converting standard definition content into higher definition (HD).

However, $5000 is a lot to spend on a television, and a more realistic option is the Samsung UA55JU7000. I’m really happy with this option, priced at less than $3000 (the price we expect to pay for a top end UHD TV in this size) and has the same specs as the UA55HU8500 TV in last years 2014 model range. This means it has a 1000 Clear Motion Rate (very good) and the UHD Upscale engine. I highly recommend this  television.

A more affordable option, however still Ultra HD is the 2014 Model UA55HU7200 Curved 800 Clear Motion Rate Samsung (LIMITED STOCK REMAINING). This television has a slightly lower clear motion rate but also a lower price. This is the cheapest Television on the market that I can highly recommend in this size.

Need a real budget option that still has a good picture that you will enjoy? The Philips 55PFT6609 has been tested, and with the right installation, is a great picture for under $1500.00!


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