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Panasonic 2014 LED TV Review

Where is Panasonic?

The Japanese company that has suffered significantly during the early 2010s, when sales in plasma panels collapsed and the rise of the Korean brands stole share away in major overseas markets, is back in its groove, registering profits and with a significant, attractive product program to promote in 2014.

In its consumer products department, Panasonic has four broad pillars: home entertainment, Lumix cameras, home appliances and air conditioning. Plasma TVs was such a huge part of the business that when price erosion and a consumer shift to LED LCD technology took hold, it left a gaping hole in the bottom line.

Thankfully, Panasonic has not given up on Home Theatre. After a blast into the LED Market in 2012, and significant quality products produced, Panasonic had arrived on the LED market. After a significant drop-opp in 2013 due to lack of new content, Panasonic have finally reached the echelon of LED TV Technology in 2014.

Panasonic 2014 LED TV Review

We welcome back the superior Panasonic Logevity and usability, and are excited about the improvements to HDTV and 4K Technology.

As with all manufacturers, the paucity of native Ultra HD content means Panasonic is pushing the quality of its upscaling engine. There’s not a lot of information on the actual process behind the ‘Processing Engine’ as Panasonic is terming it, merely that it involves “next-gen image processing and innovative picture rendering”. Certainly, all the new models have been given THX 4K Certification which suggests that something’s working.

After reviewing the new Panasonic models, and how they compare with the market, we are happy to add the 2014 Range of LED TVs to our product list!