Samsung 2015 Range Guide Review

Samsung 2015 Range Guide

Small Samsung 2015 LED TVs


Small TV Suggestions

If your looking for a TV for a small room or bedroom, then there are a couple of models to consider depending on the size you are looking for:
UA24J4100 , UA28J4100 and UA32J4100 are all base model, affordable HD LED TVs.For a Full HD TV, look at the UA32J5500 Smart TV or the UA22H5000 (2014 22″) .



Medium Sized Samsung TVsua55ju6400

In the 40″ and 50″ size, the best TV on the market is the UA40JU6400 & the UA50JU6400 both Ultra HD LED TVs.Looking for more of a budget option?
The 40″ size the UA40J5100 is an excellent option for the size.
The 50″ UA50J5100 however is just average (a little too big for this series 5 level). I prefer the UA48J6200 which is a 200 Clear Motion Rate (double the Series 5) and is also a Smart TV.
It’s hard to go past the Ultra HD JU6400 models though (excellent in this size!)


Premium Samsung Series 8 & 9 Ultra HD TV

 Samsung Series JS8000

I love this TV, it ticks all the boxes and is absolutely the best TV of any brand in the 55″ size.
Huge Clear Motion Rate of 1200, Ultra HD Upscale Engine and Samsung’s new SUHD Nano Crystal Technology. This UA55JS8000 television is perfect for 55″ size and the UA65JS8000 is still excellent in the 65″ size as well.

What is JS9500 Direct Lit?


JS9500 is Absolute Brilliance

In the 65″ size you have 3 options, the UA65JU8000 (above and of excellent quality), the UA65JU9000 (Exact same specifications except also CURVED TV).
And then, superior to these ‘edge lit’ SUHD TVs, is the new DIRECT Lit SUHD Samsung UA65JS9500 (and the larger UA78JS9500 and UA88JS9500).These TVs are superior to anything else on the market, or anything we’ve seen before. If you’ve previously thought that only a Plasma would give a great consistent picture in a super large TV size, you need to upgrade to the JS9500!


Excellent TVs for a competitive price.

Affordable Large TV

The Samsung JU7000 Series is the economic quality large TV in the 55″, 60″ and the 65″ size (although available in the larger sizes, it’s not recommended bigger than 65″).
The JU7000 series (UA55JU7000, UA60JU7000 and UA65JU7000 are all Ultra HD, with 1000 Clear Motion Rate and 4K Upscale Engine.

Samsung 2015 LED TV Range

If you follow the above size/quality range, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the picture you get to watch in your own home.There are many other models, however these above will serve you value you for money.  Buy Samsung in 2015 as they have the widest range and the newest technology research. Ask Questions. See. Experience Brilliance.