Samsung JU6400 Series Review 2015

Mid year and again we welcome new TV models from all the brands, as well as new technology for us to sort through and try and decide exactly what TV do  I want to buy this year.

It is my great pleasure to start the reviews with this Samsung JU6400 Series Review:

Samsung JU6400 Series

We all know that Samsung research the  technology more than any other brand, so what does Samsung offer this year for our viewing pleasure?



Ultra HD. This technology is really making me happy. Finally there is another component to LED TVs that is working hard in the background to give us a smoother, cleaner picture. That technology is called the 4k Upscale Engine and it improves the quality of standard definition content into Ultra HD.

The Natural Picture. I’ve found the images, especially the faces and skin tones, are excellent. This is a huge improvement over the H Series in 2014 and is now leading the brands in skin tone in 2015. If you like a natural colour and a natural looking face; this is the TV for you.

Few Changes. The menu system, the Digital Tuner, the main functionality (generally all completed upon initial installation, usually by a technician anyway) have all remained the same. There are no negative changes to a working system.

The remote control HAS changed, and is back to Simple. Is this Samsung listening to our complaints? The 2014 Models all came standard with fancy ‘point and shoot’ remotes. I’m so very happy to say that the 2015 Samsung JU6400 Series comes with a normal remote. One with big number buttons. This is simple.


Moving away from the Clear Frame that was prominent in the high-end tier of the Samsung models, this Samsung JU6400 Series has a 1cm square edge. Some people are really going to like this edge, as it’s sharp and simple. However I’m sure others are going to question the simplicity of the design on such a breakthrough 4K Top-of-the-line model (in the smaller sizes).

The Clear Motion rate has dropped from 400 (2014) to only 200 this year. At first I thought this would be a big concern and so the first day these models have landed I’ve unpacked and inspected the television, looking at how this is going to effect the quality of the overall product line.

I can say with great pleasure that this drop in Clear Motion Rate is not an issue in the lower models (40″, 48″, 50″). And in these sizes I can say that the 200 Clear Motion Rate is not going to be an issue, so refer to ‘The Pros’ above and be confident that this TV is worth the price tag guaranteed. But in the 55″ and above, I’d prefer the jump to the JU7000 Series in every situation.

FREEVIEW PLUS. Yes this years Samsung Smart TV models do have Freeview plus. So use your data and start watching TV the way you want. (Easy to use!)


The Samsung JU6400 rewards those of us who watch normal TV. The Upscale Engine is so important because most of what we watch on normal TV is in standard definition, and this transforms that in to premium viewing. Those who like High Definition Content (Especially Fox Sports HD) will be even more impressed with how deep the quality goes.

Because Samsung have not changed the good things from last year, and have changed the couple of small things (like the remote) that were a bother; I think this is the best Model on the market for the 40″ & 50″ size range. If you are looking to buy a top-end television that is going to be high class and enjoyable for the next 5 years, Choose one of the models below!


Recommended Models:

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