philips 2015 tv range

Philips 2015 TV Range

What Does Philips Bring to the Table?

More than any of their new and exciting features, Philips new Digital HD TV range brings us a decent picture at the most affordable prices.

Compared to the large price jump experienced with the other manufacturer, Philips has maintained a quality image with a low cost, and this is very much appreciated!

Philips 2015 TV Range Features:

The number one feature of the Philips range is the Ambi Light 2 which makes every moment amazing. This feature (as seen in the video below) gives an overall atmosphere improvement by spreading the colours beyond the screen itself. This is very impressive and unique.


Combine this great feature, with the Ultra Narrow bezel and Slim dimensions and you get televisions that bring to mind the good things in life.

Models Available:

There will be three series in the new 2015 Philips range: the Series 5000, 6000 and 8000.

Series 5000 is the budget line, and has a low Pure Motion Rate (100) and should be considered only for secondary televisions only. Sizes available are 42″ and 50″.

Series 6000 is the ideal television for those  who want affordable quality. With a more appropriate 200 Pure Motion Rate, this television looks to have just enough refresh rate to satisfy without blowing the budget. Sizes available are the 42″, 55″ and the 65″.

Series 8000 4K is the top of the line in the Philips range, and is available only in the 65″ size. This has a Pure Motion Rate of 800 and this television will satisfy for those who want the biggest TV, without the biggest price. Size is 65″ Only. (Available in June)


Looking for a big TV, but don’t want to break the bank? Not interested in paying big dollars for the ultra popular 2015 Samsung/LG range? This is the best priced quality television range on the market. I’ve tested these televisions, and found the ways to adjust the picture and the colour settings to look ideal for everyday viewing.

Buy a Philips TV, Turn the lights off and enjoy the Ambi Light atmosphere experience. The picture quality will be good enough to let you get lost in the program and you’ll still have enough money left over to buy some Christmas presents at the end of the year.

Series 5000 and 6000 models are available now, click here to visit the store.